The next-Gen Move2Earn ecosystem is based on 5 novel concepts and principles.
Motearn's audacious team follows core principles that are deep in the DNA of the core team and are reflected in every aspect of the Motearn Ecosystem
  1. 1.
    Be Fair We do our best to ensure that every stakeholder starting from community members to team members and investors, is fairly rewarded in the long term.
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    Be innovative and solve real problems in the real world We are obsessed with creating mixed experiences in physical and digital worlds, creating smart products that people can interact with in real and virtual worlds. However, we are also super practical and always ensure that the products we make, solve real problems in the real world. Since humans are physical creatures, we believe that after the web3 hype, only the products that have real value in the real world will survive. Based on our beliefs, we are introducing a new category of NFTs called ctNFT — Connected Tangible NFT. Owners can connect any smart wearable to their favorite ctNFT and unlock more utility power and earning capability in the ecosystem. Everyone can be part of a new wellness experience where connected movement in digital and physical spaces incentivize wellbeing IRL (in real life).
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    Be transparent We are a super transparent team, where every stakeholder has access to any information that will help them to perform better. We are developing the Motearn ecosystem in a build-in-public manner, so we constantly share every idea the core team brings up with the community and get feedback. In addition, the founders are on Discord and Twitter communicating with early community members directly.
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    Respect community members' privacy. One of our founders is a privacy freak, so mistreating any community member's data would be a personal insult to our core team members.
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    Never Give up experimenting Building hardware is hard; building a wearable device is even harder. Motearn is a result of 4 years of a roller coaster of trials and errors in searching for novel technologies and methodologies to incentivize people to move more and sit less. This journey tempered our team, or we got the most tempered people with a natural selection who never gave up on pursuing our mission and vision, so the hardness of our world-class team is one of a kind.
In alignment with our mission to encourage people to sit less and move more, we don't care how much time users spend in the app or how much money they make, but WE DO CARE how much physical activity they engage in and how little they sit!