Supply: Unlimited

Emission mechanism: During the first couple of years, up to 3,210,000,000 $MOT will be minted with the following logic:

  1. 32,100,000 $MOT is minted up on smart contract launch. Move2earn $MOT. Motearn community members will mint $MOT by doing physical activity.

  2. Community members can mint $MOT by burning $EMET

  3. The team can mint 600,000,000 $MOTs for public and private sales to fund the development and promotion of the project during the first three years. Investors will receive $MOT with a 1-5 years vesting schedule.

  4. After all 600,000,000 $MOT is minted at any given time, the team has the right to mint $MOT equal to the number of $MOTs minted by the community members with move2earn(including by $EMET burning) until the total supply reaches 3,210,000,000 $MOT, after which only community members can mint new $MOTs.

Allocation: Once all the 3,210,000,000 $MOTs are minted, the allocation of $MOT will be as follows:

35% Reward pool Move2Earn 1% Ecosystem incentives (other than Move2Earn) 12% Team and advisors 10% Private investors 7% Public sale 35% Treasury


  • Use $MOT for all in-game upgrades and activities: - Level up Avatar or shoe - Repair ctNFTs(shoe, watch), - Mint new ctNFTs - accelerate leveling up, - boost earnings - More.

  • Use $MOT in the In-app Marketplace - Buy digital and IRL merch with discounted prices

  • Use $MOT to get access to various virtual and IRL raffles, challenges, and events.

  • Use $MOT to launch a new shoe collection (for artists)

  • Swap: with SOL/USDC

Rewarding pool: 25% of each ctNFT minting revenue will be allocated to providing liquidity for $MOT until partners benefiting from our community members being physically active will start fueling the rewarding pool.

$EMET - Embry Move2Earn Token

Supply: TBD

Emission mechanism: $EMET will be minted only and only by community members Only by tracing physical activity with Embry smart Insoles or qualified, reliable tracking devices.


  • Use $EMET to mint mot $MOT. Starting rate is 1 $EMET = 3 $MOT

  • In-Game Utility:  There will be functionalities and upgrades exclusively with $EMET

  • Use $EMET in the In-app Marketplace Buy IRL and digital merch (Embry Smart Insoles, accessories, appeal health, wellness, and fitness-related products, Gym memberships, Healthcare Insurance, etc.) There will be specific products that community members can buy only with EMET.

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