Avatar-Fashion Items

Avatar-Fashion Items are ctNFTs (Connected Tangible NFT), a new kind of NFT that could be connected with Tangible Smart Products(TSP)(Ex. Smart Shoes, Smart wearables, or IoT products). Metadata is stored and exchanged between the NFT and the TSP. Read more about ctNFTs here

Avatar-Fashion Items have the following base Attributes:

  1. Avatar-Fashion: The value determines the body part of the Avatar it could be worn on and what kind of TSP could be connected to it.

  2. TSPs: The number of Tangible Smart Products attached to it


ctNFT shoes that could be bought or minted on the in-app marketplace allow users to do physical activities and earn. Users have to obtain at least one shoe to be able to earn. Shoes have unlimited life and repair opportunities. If a user's shoe gets worn out, users have 2 options. Buy a new one or burn worn-out shoes with some $MOTs/$EMETs to mint a new shoe or keep the old pair as a collectible as they store the entire history of the activities the user performed in that shoe.


  1. Avatar-Fashion: Shoe The value "Shoe" determines that this item could be worn only on Avatar's feet.

  2. Suitability: [All, Walking, Running, Jogging, Biking ...] Show the suitability of the shoe for specific physical activity to get the highest possible efficiency.

  3. Tier: [Number][0 - 100] Shows how many Tangible Smart Shoes/Insoles have been connected to this shoe.

  4. Steps: [Number] Defines how many steps the user can take with this shoe until a repair is needed.

  5. Repairs [Number] Defines how many times the shoe has been repaired.

  6. Weather Fit: (Coming soon)

Other possible Avatar-Fashion Items will come in the future.

  • Watch

  • Neckless

  • Glasses

  • T-Shirts

  • Shorts

  • Hat

  • Gloves

  • ...

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