MOTEARN is a True Move2Earn and True web3 lifestyle app that bridges the virtual and real worlds while rewarding users with crypto for performing physical activity (walking, running, biking ...) MOTEARN introduces a new type of dynamic NFT that allows users to save the story of their beloved IRL (In Real Life) smart product(Shoes, watches, glasses, etc. ) into their NFT representation dynamically. More data collected and saved into the NFT gives more utility in the app. We called ctNFT - connected tangible NFT (read more in the Gamification elements ->ctNFT section)

What means True Move2Earn?

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    MOTEARN crypto-rewards True physical activities (Walking, Running, Jogging, Biking, Swimming, Jumping, and more yet to come)
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    No GPS data is collected, so users can move anywhere, anytime, and use any activity tracking device: smartphone or any wearable.
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    Earning is calculated based on many factors, including the reliability of the data source. MOTEARN incorporates World Health Organisation's physical activity recommendations into its gamification mechanics.
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    Every step counts! No Start Stop actions are required. Everything is detected automatically. Users earn even when the app is closed. They just need to open the app once a day to sync the data and collect their earnings.
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    The only way to get EMETs is to do physical activity. No user can earn without doing physical activity.

What means True web3?

Besides decentralization, Web3 is heavily based on trust and reliability, among other concepts. So MOTEARN concepts are aligned with web3 concepts.
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    Earning depends on how trustworthy the data source is! The Motearn team constantly tests the accuracy of physical activity tracking wearables and technologies and gives them reliability coefficient. Users can connect any wearable or use their smartphone.
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    No GPS data collected. We work hard to comply with the high user privacy benchmark we set for ourselves.
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    Decentralized devices(wearables) that serve as oracles with our Proof Of Walk technology (coming soon)
We don't care how many times users open the app. What WE DO CARE about is how much physical activity users engage in. With all the respect to all games, we want users to spend time performing physical activities rather than virtual activities.
Motearn's beta version will be based on the BNB chain. Once we reach 100,000 active users, we will implement multi-chain features. Once we get more than 1,000,000 active users, we will create our blockchain where users can earn not only by participating in the gamification but also by servicing the transaction in the game by doing physical activity and getting healthy. Imagine your shoe becomes an Oracle itself.
Our mission is to empower people to lead healthier, happier, and self-confident lives while turning health control into a stress-free and fun experience.
We believe that the smartphone will soon yield most of its functionalities to wearables. We are building a world where everything is connected in real and virtual worlds. Our physical and digital goods will serve as connected assets in real and metaversal spaces. Smartshoes, Smartglasses, Smartwatches, and ear-pods will work together to provide us with novel experiences and inventive solutions to solve problems we have never been able to solve before.

Why Motearn?

Motearn: mot + earn mot: [comes from Latin, where it has the meaning "move’’, stands in roots of MOTivation] + earn:
We are #Motearnizing the #Wellness/#lifestyle/#humanity/#world
NOTE: Motearn is currently under the Private Beta phase, so the contents in the White paper are changing rapidly to meet our user's needs. JOIN MOTEARN Discord: https://discord.gg/motearn Twitter: https://twitter.com/motearnByEmbry
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