NOTE: Motearn is currently under the Private Beta phase. This is the Beta White Paper, and it is subject to be edited in a community-driven manner.

Motearn is a Gamified-Wellness ecosystem that combines NFTs and IRL Insole Shoes to create the world's most sustainable Move2Earn community.

Motearn is not a game! It is a gamification layer on top of the world's first high-precision physical activity auto-detection technology.

Motearn created a real utility-based economic model where every community member is fairly rewarded; hence it is poised to provide the most long-term sustainable Move2Earn experience.

Motearn respects user privacy, so it uses “homemade” no-GPS tracking technology.

Move2Earn anywhere, anytime! Perform any activity you love! Track with any device!

✔ Earn digital and IRL rewards ✔ Get absolute privacy! (No GPS data was collected)

Every community member that will get to level 32 will receive an Embry Smart Insoles for free (worth $250).

Motearn DApp is a chain-agnostic app. However, the beta version is built on Solana. Multichain functionalities will be released later when Motearn has enough active community members. Moterns's long-term goal is to connect wearables directly with blockchain.

Motearn's mission is to empower people to lead healthier, happier, and self-confident lives while turning health control into a stress-free and fun experience.

We believe the smartphone will soon yield most of its functionalities to wearables. We are building a world where everything is connected in real and virtual worlds. Our physical and digital goods will serve as connected assets in real and metaversal spaces. Smartshoes, Smartglasses, Smartwatches, and ear-pods will work together to provide us with novel experiences, and innovative solutions to problems humanity have never been able to solve before.

Why Motearn?

Motearn: mot + earn mot: [comes from Latin, where it has the meaning "move’’, stands in roots of MOTivation] + earn:

We are #Motearnizing the #Wellness/#lifestyle/#humanity/#world

JOIN MOTEARN Discord: https://discord.gg/motearn Twitter: https://twitter.com/motearnByEmbry Website: https://motearn.com

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